UDS, Navrongo campus in attachment logbook acquisition drama

University For Development Studies 04 May 2015 Updated

In the absence of paranormality, it takes certain students ant-lobes to believe that there is a vast difference between JHS and University regarding how the students are treated.

Opinions have trickled in thick and fast; the feeling of anguish and horror have given way to disdain and nonchalance.
The alleged dramatic life of the attachment coordinator has been the topic flooding lyrics in every discussion on campus.

Information has it that, during one of the orientation for attachment which was organized for the level 300s, the coordinator mentioned leaving a copy of the logbook at a printing house which has 'King Wordi ' as it's name.
This utterance from him was given a severe aggression from students who agitated that they preferred 'Freedom Press ' - another press House near campus because prints from King was much more expensive than the latter.
This vehemence caused the lecturer to swallow his own words and allowed students to print them at their places of convenience.

True to the claims of students, Freedom Press sold it at GHC8.00, while Wordi sold it at GHC10.00.

The whole story of adherence mutated in matters of hours after an appreciable percentage of the students had already bought theirs from Freedom Press at GHC8.

The new directive from the office of the coordinator was that, it was an obligation for every student to purchase his from 'King Wordi photos n press' who sells it at a higher cost: and such directive being a clear disrespect to Article 17(1)(2) and (3) of the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana, abuse of Office and a condone of the Administrations Acts of the country.
To mar it all, anyone who submits his book without King Wordi's stamp would have it rejected.
The vulnerable and gullible ones rushed to 'Wordi' to buy new ones at higher cost even though they had already bought some, only to realize that the said stamp are two stamps of 'King Wordi Photos '

The stamp of a photo studio to certify my Attachment logbook as a University that is more than 20 years Old??

I go with my attachment logbook to Parliament House, Flagstaff House, British Council, Ghana Immigration service et al only to be seen that my logbook has the Stamp of a 'Photo Studio ' as its security feature.
The personal interest of an individual causing the mockery of the whole University????

Someone kindly wake me up from my sleep if its a dream.
Happening as if it is an auditioning for the next movie in town.

All I would say to those affected by this yet to be explained act is 'Nobody can chase your dream of becoming a refined graduate for you.'
You have to be the most passionate to reach it.


Kwaku Sarpong-Ababio

Campus Informer- UDS Navrongo Campus