College students action was an expression of frustration - TESCON UDS, Navrongo Campus

University For Development Studies 16 Apr 2015 Updated

College students action was an expression of frustration - TESCON UDS, Navrongo Campus , KNUST , Articles

It's unfortunate these forms of actions or rebellions happens within a set up or an educational institution. This is unacceptable though in our civilized country, as much as we do not
support that act, we aren't surprise either. We aren't shocked considering the current unbearable conditions we have been placed in by the Mahama-led NDC administration and if the plight and wishes of
students are not taken seriously, we wouldn't be amazed of a possible future or immediate occurrences.

It has been reported that, the college students acted as they did due to the government's policy to cancel the teacher trainee allowances, but, we do not think that is the only reason.
The unpleasant expression of the colleges students frustration is more to that than presumed: Higher school fees charged due to the less subsidy of fees government bears, non-payment of GETFUND Arrears by this government and it's lack of will to improve the status of the tertiary and college education play a major reason to this protest. Under the current insensitive government, college and tertiary education have just been for rich and the privileged ones in our society.

There seems no realistic scholarship or schemes or policies for the poor and the less privileged . So we ask, where the accessible and affordable education, President Mahama and his NDC preached? "you can not expect
a welcoming arm, if you keep on putting students in an unpleasant or uncomfortable situation", they would definitely rebel or show you their discomfort one day.
Things can't keep on like this and the earlier we review and take measures to address the wishes of students in Ghana, the better for us all.

We can prevent a future possible occurrence, if the Mahama led Administration considers these, before it exit office in 2017:
1. Consider the plight and wishes of students
2. Honor it's accessible and affordable education 'for all' promises
3. Pay all GETFUND arrears and possibly subsidize our school fees as due
4. Spare students the propaganda and have us a realistic plan, policy and program for the youth development(students)
5. Provide a scheme to support the less privileged, but, brilliant students in our country, devoid of political favour.