KNUST: Management Will Not Interfere In The 2019 Students Elections – Dean Of Students

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology 07 Mar 2019 Updated

KNUST: Management Will Not Interfere In The 2019 Students Elections – Dean Of Students , KNUST , Politics


The Dean Of students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Professor Wilson Agyare has assured student electorates ahead of the 2019 KNUST general elections that the University management is not in any way going to intervene in the electoral processes.

The office of the Dean of students have often been accused to have influenced KNUST student elections despite several effort by past Deans to refute those claims.

Addressing journalists and the general KNUST student body on Wednesday, 6th March 2019, at the Meet-The-Press forum organized by the Electoral Commission of the Students Representative Council of the university, Professor Agyare expressed that “elections in any community has to be done by the people and they have to decide on who has to lead them, we as management and the Dean of student do not want to interfere in any way, and we’ ll leave the processes to the students to decide for themselves

The event purposely had the SRC electoral commissioner Mr. Akwasi Nti Awuah address some of the key issues and questions presented to him by student journalists of various media houses on the campus of KNUST.

According to the Dean Of Students, the University Management will only sit back and act as fathers for the students so that when they face any challenge they cannot address they will help in solving them.

According to him, there are occasions when some students especially aspirants come to his office to present various petitions to him but the only advise he gives them is to go and win the elections first before they address certain issues.

“There are a number of occasions students have been to my office, describing themselves as would-be candidates for the SRC president or any other position on campus and if some of you will bear me out, my only advise I give to you is go forward, if you win then you come for the office to work with you,” he said.

Prof. Agyare further advised students against social media publications on certain things in the university that is likely to put the name of KNUST in the news for bad reasons.

“Make sure the processes go through as you want them to be. Watch what you do because your actions and inaction can bring the university’s name into disrepute through this processes. In the present times, social media is very active. You’re free to put information, but make sure what you’re putting there will not damage the global image of KNUST,” he expressed.